The Typical Chicken Soup Recipe A Savory Lamongan

The Typical Chicken Soup Recipe A Savory Lamongan - Soto Lamongan is Chicken dishes originating from the region of Lamongan, East Java. Soto lamongan recipes usually you meet when the evening kerb, so this dish is usually sold along with chicken salad and pecel lele.
The Typical Chicken Soup Recipe A Savory Lamongan
For those of you who want to make chicken soup recipe, how these lamongan fairly easy i.e. you only need to boil their chickens, and also make the gravy and kaldunya more information please refer to the below.
The materials used to make soto lamongan: chicken

½ a Kampong chickens, then you clean
3000 cc white water clean
3 stalks Lemongrass, then you crushed
3 cm galangal, crushed then you
3 grains of Clove
½ Nutmeg grain
1 ½ teaspoon salt
2 grains of lime, then you are dividing into sections
1 ½ tablespoons sweet soy sauce
Cooking oil to taste

Spice paste:

6 cloves of garlic
12 grains of red onion
3 cm Ginger
3 cm Turmeric
5 grain toast the Pecans, then you
1 ½ teaspoon pepper
1 ½ teaspoon coriander, roasted and then you

The ingredients complement:

50 grams glass noodles dry, then you soak into water so soft
3 Hard-boiled eggs, then you cut
50 grams of Cabbage, then iris-irisn and then braised
150 grams Toge
2 stalks of celery, you then iris-iris
3 tablespoons Garlic Fries
Sambal Chilli

Well after you prepare all the ingredients, please refer to the how to make a chicken soto lamongan (more).

How to make a tasty chicken soto lamongan:

First you boil the chicken along with the Lemongrass, galangal, cloves and salt until boiling and also to reduced chicken gravy.
Then you remove the chicken and take kaldunya.
After that you fry it briefly and lift their chickens and drain, then shredded-shred.
You heat the cooking oil, then saute the Spice paste until fragrant matured. You tuangi kuah soto last into the pot, then you bring to a boil again.
Next you give sweet soy sauce to taste and lift.

Serving chicken soto lamongan:

Grab your serving bowl, then fill with sliced cabbage, toge and storylines of already shredded chicken.
Then you tuangi sotonya into the bowl until full and sprinkle fried garlic and sliced celery.
Do not forget you give is also rebusnya egg pieces, pour the juice of lime and also traditional.

Well such is the process of making and serving chicken soto lamongan which is very tasty and savory.

Good luck.
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