Traditional Cuisine Know How Typical Of Bangka Belitung

Traditional Cuisine Know How Typical Of Bangka Belitung - Prescription Know Kok is one of the typical cuisine recipes of bangka belitung of which many popular community, in addition to its typical cuisine is also very easy.

Cuisine know this very worthwhile kok because it uses raw material fish mackerel contain lots of protein and omega 3 fatty acids that can lower high blood pressure, prevent cancer cells, and prevent heart disease.

Traditional Cuisine Know How Typical Of Bangka Belitung
This cookbook belongs because traditional cuisine in addition to fish mackerel made from these foods also use know. How to make it matter little simple because you only make contents of know how then you put into him. OK you just refer how to make know how typical this bangka belitung.

Know the contents and materials Rolade:

1 piece of Tofu is white, then you cut triangular shaped
50 grams of Beancurd Skin, you cut the size 15 × 10 cm
15 fruit ready-made Fish Meatballs
Oil for frying

Ingredients for the contents:

100 grams of Mackerel Fish Meat grinders
50 grams of Minced Shrimp
2 garlic cloves, then you puree
1 egg
¾ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon pepper Powder
½ teaspoon granulated sugar

Ingredients for making gravy know kok:

1500 ml chicken stock
2 tablespoons Garlic fries
1 block of chicken broth
¾ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon granulated sugar
¼ teaspoon pepper Powder
½ teaspoon sesame oil

Complementary materials know how:

3 tablespoons fried shallots
1 leek, then your iris-iris

Well after all the ingredients already prepared, please refer to how do I create an original cuisine know kok bangka belitung.

How to make tofu tasty typical kok bangka belitung:

First you make the contents of the koknya know in advance, the way is to mix all the ingredients of its contents, namely mackerel fish meat minced, minced shrimp, garlic, eggs, salt, pepper powder and granulated sugar, then set aside.
After that you take him, and then you dispose of the contents of the to know know the Center hollow, then you insert the contents that you created earlier. Then steamed for about 20 minutes until cooked.
Then you take a piece of beancurd, you put its contents with the contents of the dough then you roll.
Well then you steamed for 20 minutes until cooked, then FRY until yellowish.
After you create the koknya know, then you make the broth. The way is your boiled chicken bouillon, garlic fries, chicken broth, salt, and pepper powder to a boil, add the sesame oil and then you mix well.
You create content know grammar, also do I sliced beancurd and fish meatballs you flush with gravy. Then you sprinkle fried shallots and spring onion.

Well that's the way to make know how typical of bangka belitung, this recipe is enough for 6 servings, you can try it yourself in your kitchen.

During the attempt.
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