Recipes Of How To Make A Delicious Anchovies Botok

Recipes Of How To Make A Delicious Anchovies Botok - Botok Teri is one of the typical cuisine of the region of Central Java, which is where this cuisine has a flavor that is delicious and savory when enjoyed with warm rice.
Recipes Of How To Make A Delicious Anchovies Botok
Well this one botok recipes using basic ingredients anchovies ones which have the benefit of them namely, can prevent osteoporosis and can strengthen the teeth.
For those of you who want to know how to make this, teri botok please refer to more information below.

The materials used to make botok teri:

1 packet of Tempe, you then slice dice +/-1 cm
1 cup Grated Dry Coconut, laboured kelapanya not too old
1 cup thick coconut milk is warm
1 packet of Teri Japan
3 pieces of Orange Leaves, then your slice
Banana Leaves

Subtle seasoning is needed:

3 cloves garlic
1 segment Galingale
3 large red chilies
Salt to taste
Shrimp paste to taste
Sugar to taste

Well after you prepare all the ingredients and seasonings-, please refer to how do I create botok teri.

How to make delicious anchovies botok:

First you soak the coconut dry with warm coconut milk during +/-10 minutes.
Then you combine the kelapanya with herbs and finely sliced lime leaves, you mix well.
Then you combine the dough with tempe and the anchovies, stir again.
Well then wrap each 2 tablespoon dough with banana leaves.
You steamed parcel botoknya during +/-40 minutes, then after your adoptive cooked.
Serve with warm rice.

Well such is the process of making delicious anchovies botok and savory, please try it yourself at home Yes.

During the attempt.
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