Recipes And Culinary Savory Shark Catfish

Recipes And Culinary Savory Shark Catfish - Catfish does have a savory flavor when cooked with refined anything. This time we want to try to share one of the recipes that use basic material i.e. catfish Recipe Shark catfish.
Recipes And Culinary Savory Shark Catfish
This catfish has several benefits, including namely catfish can nourish the brain and heart and can lower blood pressure and many more benefits. OK just go ahead you see more information under this process makes the shark catfish dishes.
Materials needed to make the shark catfish recipes:

1 kg Catfish, then you dump the contents of her stomach and a waste of patilnya, you wash clean and dikerat-kerat contents
500 ml thick coconut milk
2 stalks Lemongrass, then you memarkan
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
Cayenne Pepper
Salt to taste

Spice paste:

10 cloves Shallots
10 garlic cloves
6 cm Galangal
6 cm Turmeric

After you set up all the ingredients and bumbunya, please check out how to make it below.

How to make the shark catfish recipes savory:

First you fried fish lelenya to dry, set aside.
Then you ulek all the spices-namely the shallots, garlic, galangal and turmeric also. After that you stir fry over low heat.
After the fragrance you put 500 ml thick coconut milk and Lemongrass stalks 2 also you already memarkan.
You stir and do not to burst, then enter 4 tablespoons granulated sugar and salt to taste.
You sample if necessary. After the boil you enter already Fried Catfish earlier and also some cayenne pepper.
You let some time over low heat so that the all pervasive bumbunya.
Serve with favors.

Well such is the process of making the shark Catfish is delicious and savory once when enjoyed together with warm rice. Please try it yourself in the kitchen Yes.
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