Make the Sambal Terasi spicy and Tasty

Make the Sambal Terasi spicy and Tasty - Sambal terasi is one dish that is made from Chili Peppers mixed with shrimp paste and a mixture of shrimp paste chilli sauce recipe is a little salt and sugar.
Make the Sambal Terasi spicy and Tasty
Everyone certainly many who want a spicy shrimp paste chilli sauce and delicious no doubt. Spicy shrimp paste chilli sauce is one of the community's indulgence because of this shrimp paste sambal can change appetite in any meal.
Now how do I make the sambal terasi, spicy and tasty this, please refer to the materials to be prepared.

Ingredients for making Spicy shrimp paste chili sauce:
– 1 teaspoon shrimp paste
5 cloves Shallots
Red chilies – 15 Curly (adjust to your needs)
Granulated sugar (to taste)
Salt (to taste)
Cooking oil (to taste)

All the ingredients to make the sambal terasi is very easy once you get at traditional markets, well you see how how to make chilli shrimp paste that is spicy and tasty.

How to make Spicy shrimp paste, spicy and tasty:
1. first you wash first red chili, you then drain and FRY until wilted, then lift up and set aside.
2. then you fry without oil terasinya above a small fire.
3. then Peel the onion, and FRY until the rather dry and lift.
4. After that you combine the red onion and chili peppers by the way in uleg or in a blender (according to taste), then add terasinya.
5. heat a little vegetable oil, then you FRY all the ingredients already crushed last and you add salt and sugar to taste, stirring constantly until the sauce is cooked, lift up and serve.

The process of making the sambal terasi is very easy, you can also enjoy this shrimp paste chilli sauce with a few dishes to suit your taste, can with the chicken dishes, the duck dishes, meat dishes, fish and other dishes to suit your taste.

Good luck.
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