Make The Sambal Cibiuk Typical Garut West Java

Make The Sambal Cibiuk Typical Garut West Java -If you've been to the city of Garut and stop by the restaurant or diner, maybe you've never had spicy cibiuk. Sambal is a spicy favorite in West Java precisely in the town of Garut. In addition to the typical taste of this sauce is very tasty when eaten with one chicken recipe. It has a spicy taste with the combination of kaempferia galanga and shrimp paste that got everyone hooked sauce with cibiuk.
Make The Sambal Cibiuk Typical Garut West Java

Now how to make this cibiuk condiment recipes, please refer to the how.

Materials to make a condiment recipes: cibiuk

3 pieces of green tomatoes, then you cut the rough
10 pieces Green Pepper
½ teaspoon shrimp paste, then you burn
2 cm Galingale
5 basil leaves and shoots
½ teaspoon salt

Materials needed to make a condiment recipes cibiuk this is not much, all the ingredients very easy once you find in the markets.

How to make chili sauce typical cibiuk arrowroot:

First you puree it first cayenne pepper, red onion, shrimp paste and salt, kaempferia galanga.
After smooth then you put slices of green tomatoes, then you bejek-bejek rough.
Add the basil leaves, mashed and coarsely also.
Sambal cibiuk ready to be served.

Easy to make yea this one sauce recipe, you can also combine this sauce with a variety of other cooking recipes to suit your taste.

Good luck.
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