Make Grilled Tempeh Recipe Seasoning rica

Make Grilled Tempeh Recipe Seasoning rica -Tempe is a meal made from basic ingredients of soy beans, tempeh is also one of the food consumed in Indonesia.
Make Grilled Tempeh Recipe Seasoning rica
One of the dishes you eat tempeh fried tempeh is made from wheat flour. Well this time we will give one of the recipes tempeh made it's way to the way fuel i.e. Grilled Tempeh Recipe Seasoning Rica.

Well you please prepare all the materials needed to make it.

Grilled Tempeh Recipe Ingredients Marinade Of Shallots:
500 grams of Tempe
-2 stalks Lemongrass, then you take the white part only, finely sliced and you
3 pieces of Orange Leaves, you finely sliced
– 5 plum tomatoes, cut into wedges and then you
Cayenne Pepper fruit – 15
-2 tablespoons lime juice
-2 teaspoons salt
50 g basil leaves
– 100 ml water
– 12 fruit Skewers

Well after you prepare all the ingredients, now you prepare all the necessary seasonings.

Grilled Tempeh Recipe Seasoning Spice Rica:
4 pieces of onion
5 pieces red pepper
– 2 cm Ginger
– 1 cm of turmeric
– 3 trunk Nutmeg

Well all the ingredients and seasonings are ready, now live the practice of how to make it.

How To Make Grilled Tempeh Recipe Seasoning Rica:
1. first you cut the first tempenya 2 cm dice, then you fry it half-baked.
2. then you stir fry seasoning-along with Lemongrass and lime leaves until aromatic, then pour the water, and mix well.
3. Enter the tempe, tomato, cayenne pepper, and salt, you mix well.
4. you cook until gravy thickens, then you enter the Basil and lemon juice.
5. Next you stir-stir briefly, and then you raise.
6. Well now you prick a few pieces of tempenya, you burn until aromatic.

Easy enough in making recipes this tempe, please try it out in the kitchen.

Good luck.
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