Grilled Tilapia Fish Recipes Are Tasty And Savory

Grilled Tilapia Fish Recipes Are Tasty And Savory - Fish Tilapia is very good when you cook with the way burned, besides burned enough way too easy to produce a savory flavor.

Well for those of you who want to try to make this Grilled tilapia fish recipe, might be able to see the guide below.

Grilled Tilapia Fish Recipes Are Tasty And Savory
Materials needed to make Grilled tilapia fish recipes:

1 large-sized Tilapia fish
5 pieces Red cayenne pepper
Curly cayenne pepper 5 pieces
4 grains of red onion
2 fruit Lemon
¼ teaspoon salt
Margarine sparingly
Cooking oil to taste
Water sparingly

Well after you prepare all the ingredients, please refer to the how to make it.

How to make Grilled tilapia fish recipes:

First you halve the fish and leave it intact, then you wash to clean.
Then the fish nilanya you rub and basting with lemon water, after which you marinate the fish with water containing salt.
Let sit for +/-15 minutes.
Next you prepare fish grill to burn.
Brush the fish tilapia soaked earlier with margarine.
Then you burn above the grill that you have set earlier while you alternating inverse fish in order to ripen evenly.
Once cooked, then you raise and set aside.
Next you create bumbunya as a complement, the way is you cut onion, red pepper and cayenne pepper (not too small in the cut it).
You are rendamkan pieces of yesteryear into the water for 3 minutes, then set aside into the container.
Heat the oil, when it was hot you put all the pieces of onion, red chili and chili rawitnya.
You stir-up until evenly, and then you add a little salt and also the rest of the lime juice.
You then prepare a serving plate, then place the fish tilapia that has already burned.
Siramkan the fish with hot oil which is already well blended with red onion, red pepper and cayenne pepper.
Serve with warm rice.

Well such is the process of making fish tilapia grilled savory and delicious when eaten with the rice warm.
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