Grilled Tempeh Recipe Mushrooms

Grilled Tempeh Recipe Mushrooms -Tempe is one of food made from processed fermented soy beans which have many advantages in maintaining the body's health. In addition, tempe also has some vitamins that are good for health, among others, namely in water soluble (vitamin B complex) and fat soluble (vitamin A, D, E, and K). Tempe became a source of B vitamins are very potential.
Grilled Tempeh Recipe Mushrooms
In addition, tempe is also useful to inhibit ageing (aging) because tempe is a good Antioxidant source.
Konsumsilah tempe in sufficient amount on a regular basis in order to prevent the occurrence of premature aging process. Probably from some people already there who are bored with the tempe because may of the way of cooking tempeh is less varied. Well, this time we present the following Recipe Tempe that could possibly be a reference to your kitchen to be more varied. Grilled Tempeh recipe mushroom, you may have been many who've tried to make it Yes, but if you've never tried it, please refer to the how to make Grilled Tempeh Recipe Mushroom.

Certainly you have to prepare the Ingredients, Yes, please prepare in advance.

2 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 grains of red onion, sliced into thin strips and then you
2 cloves of garlic, this also you sliced into thin strips
5 Green chilies Curly, then cut a length of 2 cm size
300 g Tempeh, cut into pieces and then you, and then you burn it.
3 tablespoons soy sauce Japan
1 tablespoon sweet soy sauce
100 ml water
1/2 teaspoon pepper Powder
100 grams of mushrooms Tung Chung Ju/Volvariella Volvacea/Shitake mushrooms, then cut into pieces.

Well after you prepare the ingredients, and how to make it. Please refer to the how to make it well.

How To Make Grilled Tempeh Fungus:
1. First you do namely Sautéed shallots and garlic until wilted.
2. After that you enter the green chili, and you stir until wilted.
3. then add the tempeh, soy sauce, pepper, and water. Then cook until boiling.
4. Kamudian enter the mushrooms, and cook until the gravy is almost exhausted.
5. Lift and serve

Turned out to be fairly easy to make yea Grilled Tempeh Fungus. Well now maybe you can try it out in the kitchen.

Good luck.
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