Fried Tempeh Recipe A Savory Balado

Fried Tempeh Recipe A Savory Balado - Fried tempeh Balado is one recipe that is usually served as a complement to the menu, but there are also usually served as the main menu and served along with cooked rice warm. Cooking recipes tempeh that one has a taste that good because this recipe uses a variety of ingredients and seasonings are quite diverse.

Fried Tempeh Recipe A Savory Balado
Materials needed for making tempeh goreng balado:

250 grams of Tempe, then you cut the shape of a box and then you fry the dried
100 grams of beans, then cut into pieces 3 cm
150 grams of shrimp Jerbung, then you clean
10 eyes Mla, you then finely sliced
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons oil for sautéing

Subtle seasoning is needed:

4 pieces of red chilli
8 grains of red onion
2 cloves garlic
1 plum tomatoes

How to make fried tempe balado:

First you stir fry all the spices-until wilted and cooked.
Then you enter MLA, you cook until wilted.
Next you enter your shrimp, and stir until it changes color.
After that you add the beans, salt and tempe and stirred it back hngga all the ingredients are cooked.
Foster and serve with favors.

Well such is the process of making the fried tempeh tasty and savory balado, usually fried tempe balado is served with warm rice as a complement.

Good luck.
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