Cooking Recipes Typical Of Central Java Dreadlocks Know The Specials

Cooking Recipes Typical Of Central Java Dreadlocks Know The Specials - Know Dreadlocks is one dish that comes from the area of semarang, may be many of you who do not know will this food. But don't get me wrong, the food is one of the favorite food once in semarang.

Cooking Recipes Typical Of Central Java Dreadlocks Know The Specials
The unique recipe of making know the dreadlocks lay in the go itself, which is where this sort of fried vegetable fritter dreadlocks that contains shrimp. Dreadlocks is fried with a mix of unique and distinctive flavor.

Well this dish consists of fried tofu, toge, dreadlocks and seasoning blends petis is getting this food will be unique tastes that is composed of a variety of flavors between savory, sweet and spicy.

Materials needed to make the recipe know dreadlocks:

Know pong 8 fruit
4 grain eggs, hard boiled and then you peel its skin
Toge length 100 gram, you seduh with warm water
2 tablespoons fried shallots
½ tablespoon salt
Cooking oil to taste

Ingredients: shrimp for dreadlocks

125 g flour with protein content is being
2 garlic cloves, then you puree
100 grams of shrimp, then you discard the skin and the head
½ teaspoon pepper Powder
Salt to taste
200 ml Water

Seasoning paste:

2 garlic cloves, then you puree
10 pieces Green Pepper, then you puree
4 tablespoons Petis
2 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
1 tablespoon brown sugar
Salt to taste
300 ml Water
2 tablespoons cooking oil

Well after all the materials you have already set up, please refer to the how to make know dreadlocks.

How to make a cookbook knows the Middle-Javanese dreadlocks are tasty:

First you fried tofu and eggs separately until crisp, then drain. Once cooked you cut him dice and you halve eggs into 2.
Next you create a dreadlocks udangnya, do I mix the flour along with the garlic, pepper and salt, then mix well. After that you pour water little by little until mixture thickens. Pour 1 spoon vegetable dough, put the shrimp on top of it and FRY until done. Lift and drain.
Then you make a spice petisnya also, do I heat the oil, then saute the garlic until fragrant, then enter the Cayenne Pepper, petis, sweet soy sauce, brown sugar, salt and pour water then you cook until boiling and lift.
Place in a serving dish pong know, you then add shrimp, dreadlocks toge and eggs gorengnya, you also add the seasoning paste and sprinkle the onion gorengnya.

Well as that's how to make dreadlocks know the typical Central Java this, indeed in make it need a bit of accuracy for the creation of a unique and distinctive flavor.

Good luck.
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