Condiment Recipes Tumpang Solo Delights

Condiment Recipes Tumpang Solo Delights - Sambal Tumpang was one of refined condiment that uses basic ingredients tempe semangit, condiment recipes any one of mayarakat favorite sauce because the sense of belonging of the processed is very delicious.
Condiment Recipes Tumpang Solo Delights
Well for those of you who want to make this solo tumpang condiment recipes, please refer to how do I make it below.
The materials used to make the sauce: stack

200 grams of Tempe Semangit
Beef/Tetelan to taste
6 pieces red pepper
6 cayenne pepper fruit
2 cm in size Kencur
2 cloves garlic
5 cloves Shallots
10 pieces Huntersville
Skin/Rambak crackers to taste
3 pieces of Orange Leaves
3 pieces of bay leaf
1 cm galangal, then you memarkan
400 ml coconut milk
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
3 teaspoons Salt

Well after you prepare all the ingredients, please refer to how do I create this stack to the chili sauce.

How to make spicy stack:

First you boil so one tempe, beef, onion, garlic, chili, lime leaves, galingale, Bay leaves and lengkuasnya also.
Then you wait till the meat is tender, and then you lift and cut the flesh into small.
The other stew ingredients diulek until smooth except Bay leaves, galangal and meat.
And the meat already cut up you put it back.
Boil the coconut milk and give the material back. After boiling, add your MLA and the skin crisps included.
Give salt and a little sugar, wait until the water is slightly thickened.
Lift the anointing and serve with vegetables, as well as add rempeyek gendar crackers or anchovies.

Well such is the process of making the sambal, an please you try it yourself in the kitchen.

Good luck.
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