Calmari Delights Cookbook

Calmari Delights Cookbook - Calmari is cuisine made from squid, which then will be cooked along with additional bread crumbs.

Oh yes maybe from all of the many who do not know will benefit from squid, well its benefits i.e. can eliminate smallpox scars, can optimize the white blood cells, strengthens bones and can also increase the appetite.

Calmari Delights Cookbook
OK you just check out how to make it below.

The materials used to make the calmari recipes:

5 Squid tails are large, then you clean up the contents of her stomach and then you cut a round
3 grains of red onion
3 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon pepper powder
½ teaspoon salt
1 Lemon
200 g bread flour
2 eggs, then you shake it off
150 grams Cornstarch
Oil for frying

Well after you prepare all the ingredients, please refer to the how to make it.

How to make recipes calmari:

Your first peraskan Orange lemonnya throughout all parts of squid, then you stir it evenly and you let stand for 15 minutes.
Combine flour, powder maizenanya pepper and salt as well, then you stir until Hannah averaged seleuruhnya.
Next you enter the squid into the mixture while you teoung alternating invert to mix tepungnya attached.
You dip them one by one squid into the egg white, then roll it cuminya-scroll into the bread crumbs to closed flat.
Then you fry the cuminya into the hot oil.
If it is your adoptive cooked and serve with favors.

Well such is the making of a recipe calmari, cuisine is very delicious once when eaten with a spicy sauce. Please try it yourself didapur Yes.

Good luck.
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