Alcoholic Drink The Juice Of Fresh Corn

Alcoholic Drink The Juice Of Fresh Corn - Corn is one of the juice drinks the juice that is very easy once he had made, besides corn juice recipe is also very rich in benefits.
Alcoholic Drink The Juice Of Fresh Corn
Well for those of you who do not like corn, one of the alternatives for mekonsumsinya that is by the way in the juice. The benefits of the corn itself i.e. can launch a digestion, nourish the heart, prevent anemia, fight cancer and is good for the skin.
The materials used to make corn juice:

3 pieces of Fresh sweet corn, then you wash it clean
2 Sunkist oranges, then you squeeze the water
4 teaspoons granulated sugar
Ice cubes to taste

How to make corn juice:

First you shaved jagungnya first, and then you enter jagungnya into the blender along with the sunkist orange juice and granulated sugar.
Your blender until smooth, jagungnya after jagungnya been fine then you strain it.
Pour the results of sieve jagungnya into a glass, then add ice cubes.
Serve with fresh.

Well such is the process of making corn juice is delicious and fresh, please try it yourself in the kitchen.

Good luck.
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