How To Make Savory Mushroom Pepes Recipes

How To Make Savory Mushroom Pepes Recipes - who doesn't like with this cuisine, yes indeed this very tasteful cuisine once when eaten. The recipe usually served alongside mushrooms pepes with hot white rice.

This dish uses basic ingredients of volvariella volvacea which very much love to have benefits for your body, among others, that may help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, reduces the risk of cancer and can also decrease the bad cholesterol in the body.

Well already know right now the benefits of volvariella volvacea, perhaps for those of you who want to know how the heck I create this fungus pepes, please refer to the information below.

The materials used to make the pepes mushrooms:

300 grams of Volvariella Volvacea, then you cut it into 2 parts
200 g chicken meat, then you cut into small dice
10 pieces of Red cayenne pepper, then you cut the angle
2 Red chilies, then you cut the angle
2 Green chilies, then you cut the angle
6 Green Tomatoes, then cut into wedges
50 g basil leaves
4 pieces of bay leaf
4 stalks Lemongrass, then you memarkan
3 leeks, then you cut the angle
2 eggs Chicken
Banana leaves for wrapping

Subtle seasoning is needed:

8 cloves of Garlic
3 cloves garlic
1 segment of Saffron
5 grains Candlenut
½ tablespoon salt

Well after you prepare all the ingredients and seasonings are needed, please refer to the how to make it below.

How to make savory mushroom pepes recipes:

First you toss their chickens along with mushrooms, red pepper, green pepper, egg and seasoning evenly until all-wheel.
Then you grab a piece of banana leaves, berries, basil, bay leaf, Lemongrass, red chillies, green tomatoes and yeast dough also last you though.
Wrap your form lontong/oval, then you roll and compress as well as embedded with rib diujungnya.
Then steamed until cooked.
Serve with savory.

Well such is the process of making a savory mushroom pepes, you can try it yourself didapur Yes. Please read also other recipes which are Recipes Pepes Ikan Mas.

Good luck.
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